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-B A S I C S-

​Name: Drusilla Shay (if you don’t know already)

Background: Ghanaian New Yorker

Height: 6 foot

Other Necessary Information: I have a slight resting face, I enjoy most snacks that have peanut butter in it, I love colorblocking and wearing one shoulder pieces, and I hate truffle (as in the fungus… which I strongly believe there should be a ban on in all countries).

-M Y  L O V E  F O R  F A S H I O N  &  S T Y L I N G-

As they say, “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

Here is my stunning mother. In my eyes, she was THEE fashion connoisseur and #1 showoff. My love and passion for all things related to fashion and style stem from her, including my intense shopping habit… (who knew that it’s actually genetic?)

Circa 2009, my mother would pick me up from school every Friday and we would go shopping at Third Avenue in the Bronx. Every time we got back from our little shopping escapades, I would spend hours laying out all the new clothes and finding various outfit combinations for each piece. This is what my 11-year-old self thought to be fun and fulfilling, and my adult self still feels the same way.

Fashion and styling have always served as an avenue for me to display different sides of myself, whether that be quirky, serious, girly, tomboyish, or bourgeois. Just like artwork, I use my style of dress as an outlet to creatively express what I’m feeling and to reflect who I am at that time in my life—because let’s be real, we are always growing and evolving, and my fashion sense changes with that. If I’m feeling like a bourgeois aunty, best believe that the faux furs and pearls will be brought out!

But on a serious note, fashion is what you make it. You can keep it as surface-level as “just clothes,” but for me, it’s much more.  Thank you for stopping by! If you’re curious to know more about me, feel free to browse around this blog and/or check out my YouTube channel!


Drusilla Shay





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